Caring for your Jewellery

Your jewellery is made from Silver, either Fine silver which is 99.9% silver, or Sterling which is 92.5%, or a combination of the two,

If your jewellery includes 22k Gold plating, then please do not rub this area, otherwise it could start to wear off.

The following are a few guidelines and best practices to keeping your jewellery looking beautiful;

  • If your beautiful jewellery has lost some of its sparkle, then we recommend using a soft jewellers silver cloth or cleaning with warm mild soap water.

  • We advise against dips as they contain harsh chemicals and can also remove a patina that has been applied.

  • Always remove your jewellery before exercising or carrying out manual work to avoid excessive pressure, which can damage custom made jewellery.

  • You should always remove your jewellery before showering, swimming, using a hot tub and sleeping.

  • You should always put your jewellery on after you have used any sprays, perfumes or lotions.

  • We recommend you check your handmade jewellery on a regular basis.  If anything looks damaged we advise you to ask a jeweller to look at it before you wear it again or contact us ASAP.  This is to avoid any further damage to your item.

  • When not being worn keep your jewellery in its original box.  It will help to keep it safe and stop it tarnishing as much.

If you follow our simple guidelines your jewellery will remain beautiful, but if you do have any problems please contact us via email ASAP so we can assist you.  


Most importantly enjoy wearing your jewellery!