Art Clay Diploma's

Level 1 Diploma


There are six projects to complete on this course.   You will be guided through each step with demos and with examples. Each piece will be your own work and design but you will have expert guidance to enable you to achieve the required level to pass the course.


Course Outline


The is not a beginner level workshop.  You must have worked with silver clay before on either a full day workshop  in either Art Clay or PMC.  You will also needed to have practiced at home. Please feel free to contact me to discuss before booking this course to discuss your level and if you need to book a day to brush up on certain techniques first. 


All the materials and course fee is included in the price of the course.


You will make 6 projects


  • ‘Impressions’ - Pendant

  • ‘Natural Leaf Replica’ – Pendant

  • ‘Filigree’ – Earrings

  • ‘Linear’ – Ring

  • ‘Mask’ – Brooch

  • ‘Capturing Nature with Pearl’ – Ring


The skills you will use in this course are;


  • Syringe work for decoration

  • Making a ring

  • Hollow forms using wood clay

  • Using textures

  • Creating moulds

  • Painting a leaf

  • Embeddable stones and moulds

  • Polishing including a mirror finish


The Art Clay Diploma Level 1 and 2 are based on the curriculum developed by Aida Chemicals the manufacturers of the Art Clay brand in Japan.  These are recognised across Europe and the world.  The level 1 diploma will give you a 15% discount and the level 2 20% across Art Clay products.   Level 1 will permit you to teach introductory classes under the Art Clay banner and level 2 intermediate.  These are not beginner courses and you will need experience working with metal clay to understand the processes needed to complete the projects.  For more information on each level see breakdown below.

Level 2 Diploma

Information to come soon... watch this space...